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Find the meaning/full form of any 3227 acronym or abbreviation in Telecommunications

Abbreviation Question asked by userAcronymFull Form / Meaning
EPC means Electronic Product Code
Full form of PLC is Programmable Logic Controller
Meaning of BHP is Brake HorsePower
Meaning of CMS is Content Management System
Meaning of VHDL is VHSIC Hardware Description Language
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CMOS is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
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CRT is Cathode Ray Tube
MTS means Microsoft Transaction Server
Full form of VGA is Video Graphics Array
Meaning of MCB is Miniature Circuit Breaker
Meaning of LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Meaning of DSLR is Digital Single Lens Reflex
RADAR is RAdio Detection And Ranging
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CNC is Computerized Numerical Control
TFT  means Thin Film Transistor
Full form of LASER is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Meaning of LED TV is Light-Emitting Diode Television
Meaning of CCTV is Closed Circuit Television
Receive is the full form of RCV
Full form of ATM is Asynchronous Transfer Mode
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